lavantoA little pink, that a little gold, a little green violet... is also enough to give you these new emotions. And a little romantic in the space is also enough to bring you these new feel of luxury, the pure freshness, cool or the dynamic rhythm of modern life.

Lavanto Home Décor is the brand of decorate products in the interior spaces including paintings, vases, lamps, trays, mirror frames, symbols, ... designed in contemporary style, with simple design and specializing for collection’s ideas. The products are synchronized from the style, color, size, material, convenience to consumers to decorate their lovely home, to save time when shopping, especially with very good price because this product line is the strength of Vietnam's exports to ther countries.

By the way of design with more art of sculpture, Lavanto interior space as giving you the moments of relaxation to your house.

Main market: American, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, ......